The Digital Self

I hone my other self. It is easy in this day in age to build two, three or four different people on our digital interface. Blogs such as this one attest to that fact. I've tried to be as honest as possible in my writing. But it does not always come through.

Myspace is another one that gets me going. As useful a tool it is for our band and others, the questions that this little networking gadget produces are frightening. How do I know you? You want to be my friend? Sure, why not.

I mean, sure we can glance over it all, but it really is kind of freaky.

But at the same time, I am getting a slight escape from my work duties to write. The thing that scares me most is that 7-8 hours of my day are interaction with a machine. When I think about that, I am blown away. I do not even see my wife that much in a day.

It is a mixed blessing. These machines can create beautiful things. And they can destroy. Just like Walmart.

There really is no point to this writing other than to write and get out what I am constantly doing at work.

I found this site the other day: Chris Jordan

It has some telling photography on American modern culture.


Patrick said...

superb...and so true

i would wager that i spend some 55 hours a week at a computer

thos said...

i really hope the next generation utilizes technology as the tool it can be, and NOT as a substitute for life. it's too easy to get lost in a little screen, and disconnected from the natural world, the one god created.

i rage against this trend.

technology is my tool.

i hope when the trigger is pulled the barrel is pointing in the right direction...