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This past weekend was a weekend of production.

But it was creative production, and it was good. Weekends I travel to Raleigh are always this way in some form. There are also tough on a marriage in many other forms. It teaches you new things, being away. Most of all, how to communicate. But through all of that, I see how God created people into such blessed beings. I am surrounded by amazingly talented and humble people who bring out the small pieces of life that make it all worth playing.

I had the amazing opportunity to play rhythmic vibrations @ a church known as Viseo Dei in Raleigh. There are amazing people there. Incredibly talented people. Not just in music, but in loving others (I do realize I'm writing in fragments. Forgive me. I guess it's the text message culture). A man who goes by Thor (not really, his real name is Jase G), gave me a CD Saturday night and said, "hey young one! learn these." Ok. Sure mate. But through my nervousness (I always get nervous playing drums in some sort of fashion), I was blown away by how God moved through those people. It is humbling. But when I open my eyes, God moves through people all the time. It is an act of opening.

It is an act.

Not to mention, SILVER had many great practice sessions, and it is always good to get those out on the table. They do not always come around. This time the pages coincided.

But alas, my life is busy. Architecture consumes me here in Asheville. It is not a negative thing. I enjoy architecture extremely. Not as much as playing THEM. But I am blessed that God has let me see the joy in building things. But I guess music is that way on many levels. I try to carry through many of the same ideas in both veins.

Either way, I am blessed. Most of all with an incredible wife, secondly an incredible community (in two places) and consuming passions. When you look past the busyness, you get to a place where God can tell you something.

I guess it was important for me to make that public on the World Wide Web, whatever that means. It is a thought for me to write.

I am thankful.

-The Revolu


Patrick said...

you are thankful brent...as are we

good to see you this weekend mate

we will do it again very very soon

thos said...

best of luck