The O Trip

So as promised, pictures are here. I am uploading on Shutterfly as we speak and by the time I am done with this post you will see a cool little link at the bottom where you can see them all.

But to sum up in short, my wife and I drove Kate (our bestest friend) to Oregon to go to U of O for a masters in Journalism. We took Kate's Pathfinder Paco with a U-Haul trailor in tow (later to be named Ulysess). To say the least, we were ready to rid of Paco pretty early on. He did well until he got to the Rockies, and his odometer read 5000 RPMs pretty much the whole way. This led to another great incident, Paco's muffler, which decided to detach itself somewhere in between Kansas and Denver. Kate mentioned a burning smell early in the morning from Denver and by the time we arrived in Salt Lake City we were killing ourselves, almost literally. The muffler was blowing exhaust and hot air straight into the vehicle. What we didn't know was that the hot air was melting Jessie's Thermorest directly to the trunk of Paco, as well as blackening a few pillows, hence- the hideous smell.

It was the highlight of the trip. We found a great muffler shop (Ray's Muffler in Rupert, Idaho) who patched us up for 30 bucks and sent us on our way.

We were pleasantly suprised with Boise and had lunch there before arriving to Bend, OR that night and sharing some good brew. Bend is a great city. I shouldn't tell you this, cos you might move there, but it is a great town.

Eugene was great as well. We got the misses moved in with a ten dollar couch and sweet dresser from Goodwill. We also got a game of BINGO in at the Rogue Brewery, another thumbs up for the state of "O."

Our trip (for Jess and myself) ended in Portland, another great city with some great food and atmosphere. The departure was tough, and the flight back long, so now I write to rid myself of some sorrow.

We'll miss our good friend Kate and her new found state.

But we'll be back.

Here's just a few shots. The rest are here on Shutterfly: O


Jessie said...

we like to call the trip "The Chronicles of Paco and Ulysses"

Patrick said...

OOOOO I will miss her...

and when can i expect to be able to pick up a hardcopy of these chronicles??

Jessie said...

you'll have to talk to Kate about that....

BFrancese said...

To clarify for BHeth218 - my rating of Oregon cities

1. Bend
2. Portland
3. Eugene

(those are the only big ones I've been to)

Jessie said...

are there any other cities in Oregon?

BFrancese said...

the picture of jess + myself is a glorious little piece of Oregon "corporate" art on the local university

just for clarification

Patrick said...



no wait...thats Washington...hmm

ok i guess thats it