Sounds of Glory

On a more lighter note, these little earbuds have provided the greatest amplification for playing my drums that I have ever experienced. I always passed them by for less expensive imitations hoping that I could get by in my musical career without them. But alas, now I come to them with open arms and a warm musical heart in longing for the next practice session. They are a true joy, and I have my good friend Bree (see photos below and look for a Optimus Prime t-shirt) to thank for them. He GAVE them to me.

Ok. He didn't give them to me.

But still, they are great, and I will write a poem about them.

Oh dear earbuds how I love thee
You are so small you fit in my ear
Comfortably! Comfortably! You rattle my drum
Your name is simply E

No words can possibly capture thy passion
For the sounds that thee create
To the world! To the world!
We will conquer in right fashion

One click at a time, one note to embrace
I will stand by thee with ease
DAH! DAH! How my ears are like butter
With the music that thou makes

-The Revolu

1 comment:

thos said...

look at you, all prolific and everything.

nice poem.

bring the beat.

to the streets.