A listen

Here's what I'm listening to right now:

1. RadioHead - Bends - A classic album, and one that I forgot about. It just fits my mood right now.
2. Ryan Adams - Easy Tiger - His newest disc, which is very country, is very well done, but too damn short. My wife gave it to me for my birthday during lunch at the Early Girl Eatery here in Asheville.
3. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Its rock music, good rock music.
4. Brandston - T gave it to me. You can dance to it.
5. Augustana - Its a couple young guys singing some Americana rock. Well done.
6. Kate Havnevik - Mellow electronic along the lines of Bjork + Imogen Heap.
7. Bruce Springsteen - Live in Dublin - He does Seeger's tunes with incredible style and with a HUGE band. The horn section gets overwhelming at times, but his tunes of THE RISING are incredibly rearrange. Check out Long Time Coming.

These are in no paticular order of course.

What I was listening to:

1. Pilot Speed
2. MuteMath
3. RadioHead - KidA
4. Mat Kearny
5. Third Eye Blind - Their first disc. I know, I know - saunky pop rock music, but the production is sharp and these guys pull off a big sound with three instruments, though from what I've seen and heard, and they never pulled it off live.
6. Patty Griffin - Children Running Through
7. Massive Attack
8. Editors - The Back Room
9. LoveDrug - Pretend to Be Alive
10. Modest Mouse - Their new one

What I'd like to be listening to:

1. The White Stripes - Icky Thump
2. Editors - End Has A Start - I may be addicted to this band

Just thought I'd write about music. Ahead this week: Pumpkins show, playing music, backpacking and hopefully fully recovering from my stupid knee poo injury.

-The Revolu


Anonymous said...

nice list, dog.

i like 'gregory and the hawk' for mellow electronic folk.
which brmc?
travis' new one is good

and icky thump is really good.


where do we go from here?
the words are coming out all weird.
where are you now?

BFrancese said...

i heard the new Travis was good. i'm listening to the newest brmc i think. the one with the black guitar on the front cover.

listening while i draw...blah

brian said...

stick with the older brandston. New brandston is way too silly.