Here's the setlist for the Pumpkins show this past Tuesday - a memorable experience + absolutely mind blowing.

If all goes wrong
Rotten Apples
? song I sing
United States (abandoned short set break to fix equipment)
United States
Lucky 13 (abandoned a whole lot of stage banter while fixing equipment)
Lucky 13
The Aeroplane Flies High
WinterlongW/ every Light
That's the Way
Heavy Metal Machine>
White Rabbit>
Heavy Metal Machine

Encore: Gossamer (with a lot of teases and stuff at the end I couldn't regognize but it was very long)

That list was taken from - not to my credit. But the highlight for me was Tonight. It was just mind blowing (did I say that already?). You'll see during United States and Lucky 13, Billy had some amp problems. 20 minutes into the set he stopped U.S. and stated, "my amp done broke," or something along those lines. They took a small break and came back out only for the amp to shoot out again in Lucky 13. It wasn't noticable to most people that the equipment was shot. There was a faint buzz coming from the stage which was probably shooting through Billy's in ear monitors driving him crazy, the crowd just couldn't hear it - that is my guess anyways.

As a drummer I can say that Jimmy Chamberlain is an absolute beast -incredible chops and incrediblably precise. I didn't see or hear him miss much. During the encore, Billy just went to the side of the stage and let Jimmy go off (ironically after saying in the middle of the set "we don't believe in the drum solo. We believe in the one long drum solo"). It was about 1-2 minute solo before they kicked back into.

I have some great pics and they'll be coming soon.




Anonymous said...

'gish' was in my cd player @ 15 years old...

i was never the same again.

Patrick said...

holy cow man...great show

glad you and jessers could be there with me and bree...

also..the horses