The Break

And I am taking one. This blog is turning into a daily devotion, and I don't like that. Oh well. Jess and I headed to Raleigh this past weekend for a very interesting Silver show. It was a good weekend nonetheless. We headed to Visio Dei Sunday. My heart was hit a few times there. And it was good.

But a break is needed. I've heard the typical "you've gotta get your priorities right!" a thousand times. Probably more than a thousand times. I've made things idols - music mostly. Actually, I've made music my only idol @ the moment, so I guess you could say I've been "convicted?" I hate that word though. It seems to be too cookie cutter. What has happened over the past two weeks is much deeper than that. I've been fasting for two weeks now. No answers. But it is about going through this right? The process.

People call. "What is up man?" I have nothing to say to them. What do you say:

"Hey I'm reading a lot of Scripture right now. Old testament prophets, books with quotes from poets and songwriters. Yeah, its good."

People have nothing to say to that really. I mean, understandably. What would you say to it? You can't speak. All you can do is think about it. But I've been challenged for years now to take that step. I haven't been willing. I've been timid. It is in my introverted nature. He is working though. He is always working.

Jess and I are heading to Charleston this weekend. I am stoked. I always hear, feel, see, sense good things there. It's been 6 months since I have been there so it will be welcomed warmly. I'm sure Tahoe and Denali are not ready for the heat though. Hope to catch some waves and hear some voices out in the grand waterscape.

Don't worry. I'll let you know.


"We wake, if we wake at all, to mystery." - Annie Dillard

Note: When I started this post it was Sunday night (9/9). Its now Friday. I'll try harder next time.


Countrypolitan Lady said...

I know how to respond-good. I am glad you are doing that. It's always good to fast. Throw your crutches in the corner and remember to just stand with God.

Hope you come around more. Really.

pat said...

You know I am right there with you brother...