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Just what it says right?

I'm sitting in my cubicle and all I can think/dream about is playing music. If I dwell on this I will truly go insane (or get off my ass and play). I had lunch with T today and had a nice big bowl of chili and a French Broad Wee Heavier Scottish Ale. It was tremendous. You can tell I am ready for the changing of the seasons. Obviously. Anyone who has a bowl of chili and a Scottish ale in September is ready for October.

I am still fasting - not food anymore though. It is a different kind of fast. I'll continue to fast something until the door is ready to be opened. Who knows, maybe I'll keep fasting after that. But that is what I have told myself.

Last weekend was an excellent Silver show. We had amazing response. In November I am heading down to ATL to record one song with Dice Fly High. The idea is that we record a hit number one single and go platinum overnight. This will help cos we are all starving musicians going insane behind our computers and/or our jack-hammers. It is tough playing in two bands for sure. The hardest part is that all of the guys are such good people with amazing talents behind them. It is hard to just take this or that. But I am enjoying the dualism at the moment, but I know that wont continue. I am a realists and I want to be open to the road before me, not just cutting off to go on some cornfield by myself.

My wife is still coping with her new job and her schooling. I wont speak for her much here. She can do that herself if she wishes, but from my perspective she is working so much that her eyes often just roll back when she walks in the door. I wish there was some way I could alleviate all of this. She needs rest more than I do and deserves a good day in the sun.

We are off to Lexington this weekend to see the family. Should be a good weekend. We'll come back with smiles on our faces.

Till then....



Pat said...

Yes brents...come to me...and VD

Countrypolitan Lady said...

dang. i would hate to have VD as my initials.

and how do you go out on a cornfield?

it's such a beautiful noose, isn't it?

Revolu said...

its really're not paying attention, you veer off the road and then all of a sudden your buried underneath a field of endlessness