Apologies - again + again *

Yes. I am running it into the ground. My best buys so far this year. Subject to change by the millisecond.

5. We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank - Modest Mouse
4. Easy Tiger - Ryan Adams
3. Magic - Bruce Springsteen
2. Patty Griffin - Children Running Through
1. In Rainbows - Radiohead


6. Icky Thump - The White Stripes
7. Ga Ga Ga Ga - Spoon
8. Cease to Begin - Band of Horses
9. Wincing the Night Away - The Shins
10. ?

Overated (liked, but overhyped):

Blue Sky Blue - Wilco
Neon Bible - Arcade Fire
Volta - Bjork


Because of the Times - Kings of Leon
Baby 81 - Black Rebel Motor Cycle Club
Melanktron - Kate Havnevik

Ones I've gotta buy (which could dethrone my Top 5):

Favorite Worst Nightmare - The Artic Monkeys
The Sheperd's Dog - Iron + Wine
The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter - Josh Ritter
All of a Sudden I Miss Everybody - Explosions in the Sky
Cassadaga - Bright Eyes

But I'll probably just listen to In Rainbows the rest of my life.

-The Revolu

* (Last music listing post for awhile - promise :)


Anonymous said...

i think icky thump is top 5. i also really liked the new "travis" record.

to make my year complete i'd have to see a new album from doves.

Anonymous said...

and what about the new BOH?

Revolu said...

oh yeah...had to make an edit - they are @ number 8...i'd like to see a new doves album as well

three of my top four were released in the last three weeks...never know

Anonymous said...

I can help you out with some of the cds you need. I need to listen to th e BOH and Boss cd.

I just need you to put Arcade Fire in the top 5. I can agree with you that the bjork cd was poo. But come on! AF was very good.


Anonymous said...

Feist and Rilo Killey?

Revolu said...

didn't hear fiest...RK was never my bag of tricks...i think they are good songwriters, but i was never impressed with their early stuff so I kinda wrote them off even with all the Paste hype. so that said, i haven't heard it. not gonna buy it, but definitely willing to go out and give it a good listen.

As for AF...its a good album, but not in my top 5 and EVERYONE, i mean everyone thinks its the best album put out in the last five years. its not that good. creative? yes. mind blowing? no. bjork on the other hand was pure poo and a total downer. you're right about that in my opinion.

the boss album is instant classic in my opinion. and the radiohead...nothing left to say.

Revolu said...

ok feist could creep into my underrated list for sure. i listened again.

maybe i just read all the indie blogs and posts and think that arcade's album was just talked off the craze. of course so is IR.