OK. Its official.

1. In Rainbows
2. Is the best CD of the 21st Century
3. Think about number 2 and tell me what you come up with

-The R


Countrypolitan Lady said...

dude. no it isn't.

it verges on boring. it's safe. there is a lack of raw emotion that ok computer had. i am not saying that it isn't good. but i think right now it is running on the wind of it's release. it isn't the bends. it isn't ok computer. they have done better.
i think the biggest disappointment was the lack of provocation. i feel nothing in my guts when i listen to it. sure my brain says isn't that clever, but there is no statement, no big punching fist in the face.
i just got jeff buckley's GRACE. it leaves me breathless, conflicted, aroused and sad. to me, that's what good music does.
(sorry. not really.)

Anonymous said...

i may give you the year.


Revolu said...

nicely done

i'd give you post of the year, but i don't know who you are...

i'm about to go change my email signature now

thank you