Some pictorals

As promised....(but maybe a little too late)

What is not to like about this glamor shot? "Legalize it!" he says. Or you could just read Hebrews 11.

Our good friends got married the following weekend after I took the "Legalize Hebrews" photo. This is a shot of the old church where they told the good Lawd they'd show their love foh-ev-ah.

Two nights ago I broke three sticks in one song at a rehearsal with Dice Fly High. I also then proceeded t0 slam my bass drum beater through the bass drum head. Have no fear though, practice went on as planned. Here's what Thomas had to say about it:

And more to come...

The R


Pat said...

OH the glory....of the one

Anonymous said...

you are the record holder!

there are none that will ever do as much damage to a kit during one song as you did.

i'm still grinning.