A take on music

I like this quote from Robert Wyatt when asked his motivation for writing a new record:

"Well, we've all got to earn a living. And writing songs is what I do. But when I've done a record, it's not that I think it's better or worse than anyone else's, but if I think that nobody else would have done it if I hadn't, well then that's ok."

Wyatt is not someone I listen to frequently, but as a writer and a poet I've learned to respect. I thought his answer was very honest, and for genuine musicians, writers, artists, creators, it sums things up really well.

My life is littered with work. It is all around me. I take refuge in coming home to my wife and dogs (as crazy as they are @ the end of the day, they are always jazzed to see you walk in the door). I guess it is going to get busier. I outlined my weekends for the rest of the year and noticed there aren't really any left. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. But it means you'll have to tell people no sometimes. "Wanna go for a run next Saturday?" "Nah. Gotta head outta town."

It happens for sure. Sometimes there's things we can do. Sometimes there's things we can't. The end of the year is packed with wonder. We'll see what happens.

-The R


Kate said...

Don't forget how jazzed Oscar is to see you when you come home. Or, more importantly, how jazzed you are to see him!

Countrypolitan Lady said...

well. music doesn't happen when you are doing all those other things. that's fer shur.

i love telling people i am too busy writing to come over. they'll get over it. meanwhile i am doing what i was created to do... i am taking care of the stuff that can't wait.

and i am so sick of asking y'all to come over. how about i tell you to feck off and don't show your face around here-will that get you to my door?

love ya.