Untitled No. 1

We're just on the ropes

There's no fences here

An invisible dividing line

A hidden barrier


A young girl smokes

Leaves her coat at the door

Walks in, paints a smile

Knowing work wont carry her


And there's a swallowed city skyline

And no one wants to save it

Its about to go under

Think I'm ready to go under


Its hazy in her eyes

Already late again

Guess the coat goes on now

Back to repeating


No car to get into

There's no door to close

Just an endless walk

Through an endless noise


Away from the swallowed city skyline

Left in the dark

Time for the sun to rise now

And start out the door

1 comment:

Pat said...

This is a true masterpiece

paralleled only by the sites seen from the rising of the Ashley River