I don't know why I haven't posted on my lil bro before. The kid is mad talented. And here he is:

Everyone should check out his myspace tunes: The Gypsie and add him if you have a myspace account. Start out with Snakes and Spiders. It's a personal fav of my mine. Does She Sing is a sweet little number as well. I don't know where the kid gets his vox from. I wish I had them. But I had this dream I'd get to record a little LP with him one day. I'd be humbled. Some Saturday morning thoughts:

1. The Gypsie rox my sox off
2. The North Star Diner here in Weavervegas serves up a great breakfast
3. Jess is taking the GRE right now - eeeee - gross
4. I have several verses written - hope to post another soon
5. I love italics
6. Recording some loops

Love the world your in.


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Plastic Twig said...

The man now known as The Gypsie, once known as TromB....