I read the new Paste last week and the main feature Ryan Adams article. I was filled with envy so I had to ask the good God above for forgiveness. There was a portion of the article where I remember the author asking Ryan or one of his band mates what they had been doing all day. Their response was, "we've been creating." That sounded really good to me. We are all made to do that in some sort of form. That is a personal belief of mine.

I think I'm going to make a book - of my writings and sketches. I've started some prelim work (a possible cover image can be found under the "Thumbnail" heading). And I have to do dozens of iterations of sketches and writings before I come up with something that might, just might resemble final. In short, this will take awhile, but I mentioned it to Jess, and she seemed floored about it. We might as well give it ago.

I have these titles in my head so I guess I'll title them all, though they started off as untitled pieces. I'd like to put together a book of compilation pieces of my friends and collegues, sketches of course. I love looking at how people draw things. Even if they say they can't sketch, they are saying something. I like seeing what others create.

So yeah, I'm jazzed about it. We'll see what happens, but either way it will be a nice excercise in creating the unexpected or maybe - the expected.


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thos said...

we're made in god's image - he's a creator and we are wired that way too.