Opening to a City

What are the circles round my wrist
No movement
No sound
Darkness is falling
Time for sleeping
What is this light running through my eyes
My sleep
Was somber
Pick up my shirt
Time for leaving
I followed and he let me go
Circles gone
Only movement
I hear nothing but silence
The gate is open
I can walk here with the wind
My feet
On the ground
Footsteps are all I hear
I'm in the city
Wooden doors separate me
I move
Of my presence
I hear voices
And I'm inside
A curtain tears
No more crying
I'm in the city

I read Acts 12 today. Its speaks of Peter's imprisonment by a dictator. I've read it before, but never carefully, never trying to put myself in that place. To think of imprisonment, it's impossible. But I wrote the lines above to try and get myself in with Peter. All I could think of was how impossible it would feel to see chains put on my hands and then see them slip off without question, without a key. The only part of Peter's journey I could comprehend was being in the city.


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thos said...

i think that's a great way to start - putting yourself into somebody else's shoes.