Turning Leaves

I saw them swirling around like grass stuck in a lawn mower. The fall lasted about 2 weeks here. What is going on? Its 25 degrees at night and we finally had to turn on our heat in our horribly insulated house this week.

On an architectural note, a hate this building:

Can you guess which one? Yeah, the modern one with the massive cooling tower on the top. What the frick is that? I'm starting to hate my profession more and more. It is one thing to hate your job. Sure. It is widely common. But to hate your profession, yes, I'm starting to hate this destructive profession. Constructing a building must be done with such care and precision that it almost impossible to create in American culture. Is it done? Sure, but I would say very, very rarely. My apologies to the wretched JPEG above. My camera phone does not do it justice.

Well actually, I love where I am. I just ramble in hopes that the road will come quick and I will be on it with some wooden drumsticks in hand. I am praying for it. It is a desire and a passion within.

On another note, the Shopocolypse is coming.

Feels like winter.



Thomas said...

i hate my profession.

i'm on the internet, telling people how to trick other people into buying their (pretty much completely) useless shit.

all day.

Countrypolitan Lady said...

i believe in feeding people. i guess. but it's work fellas. you can only really believe in god. the notion that your work will be something you believe inis a fantasy created by the uber bosses!!!!!! (this seems to be a struggle within the male psyche, especially)

eat drink and be merry for tomorrow.....

Bob the Builder said...

Sure your profession may have rules and regulations and you cant do what you want (all your crazy walls and windows and stairs and stuff). But it at least it provides something to culture. If you don’t like it. Change it. You just need to be the one that makes the change.

Other discussion:
At least is isnt all soul-sucking and a social burden like......new home development. Tear down trees/build shi* with coastal names / build shi* that falls apart just in time for the young yuppies to move out/have the resale prices drop/ bring in the crime/sell an unattainable lifestyle and put value on flat screens and fire places/offer shi* financing/etc.

Revolu said...

who is bob the builder? the rules and regulations aren't really the problem for me. for me its the pure carelessness that carries architecture. we have rules and regulations but we use those rules and regulations to justify our ridiculous building habits.

thanks for your comments on the discussion. a change must be made for sure and it must come at the hands of builders and architects, refusing to just rip a site to pieces at the hands of the client (or themselves).