The video's not werkin. Not sure why. It wasn't a big deal really. Just a quick tour of my musical digs in Weaverville. Here some pictures of the studio instead.

There's not much to it really. But my wife will attest that I tend to live there on most nights away from rehearsals and social functions. For anyone who wants to know the specs:

4 PC. RMV Drum Kit
(2) Dell Laptops running Ableton Live 6
M Audio Axiom 25 MIDI Controller
Roland SPD-S Sampler
(2) Peavey KB 1 Amplifiers (for monitors)
1 Tapco Mini Mixer (for the amps)
Shure E2 in-ear monitors
And of course - a drumming necessity - a click track

Also, what can be seen to the right in both pictures is 6 PC. Ludwig drumkit (vintage) - which is for sale. I also pulled Kate's chair out of the corner of my basement for lounging purposes. So that said, after all the rearranging, as a musician, I am very proud of it.

More pictures here - Revolu Studio

It is clearly the spot of release for me. Maybe I'll splice a saunky vid together and put some electronic music on in the background.

Stay tuned.


Dave said...

I think I see OK Computer on top of that mini fridge

Patricks said...

I dont get tired of this...ever