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Dice went for a recording session Friday in Atlanta @ Pendlewood Studios. We loaded up the Fit and hit the road at promptly 5:45 A.M. It felt mad early and as much as I love these guys, I wasn't super excited about seeing Zack's curly head @ 10 after 5 in the morning. But I was awake for the drive down, and Thomas was awake for the drive back (for which I am extremely grateful).

To say our studio recording experience was 'run of the mill' would be a bit understated. It wasn't really anything any of us were used to. We pulled into a suburban Atlanta neighborhood to the driveway of a split level residence. The studio was in the basement, full of sound proofed closets and microphones. Thomas did a scratch track first and then I sat down @ the reigns to crank out the drums. It didn't take long, and I was done just before 11. Buckey (the young recording engineer of the studio) adamantly kicked us out so that he could edit the drums and clear up all of my many mistakes. This made it easy on Zack who came in and punched his takes out quickly. It also left Thomas with time to lay down some killer guitar tracks. Vocals were entertaining for me because T + Z got to enter a small un-air conditioned closet to sing their hearts out (not together of course - I don't think they both could have fit in the closet simultaneously). We finished up just after 5 to Buckey's praise. I think he was very happy with our professional attitudes. We nailed Atlanta traffic, where my road rage emerged full throttle.

T blogged out it here: T

You can catch his take on the session and a few photogs as well.


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Anonymous said...

30 days and we'll see what dice hath wrought.

one of the most memorable (and easy) sessions i've ever done.