I'm behind. Way behind. This weekend was a social fest. Friday kicked off with cheap Mexican food and an grande espresso just before the Dice Fly High show. The boys rocked it just after ten o'clock. We played down at Broadway's in Asheville with The Steves. From behind my pulsating drums and searing cymbals things sounded well. Thomas' glorious little Fender amp was growling at him through the entire set, and Zack and I came in a measure too early on Elephant and Mouse (the track we recorded in Atlanta), but overall the response went well I thought. I can never hear anything in my little drum sized box except a low riding bass guitar and the rhythms of guitar.

Saturday we woke up late. Real late. 2 am is not a normalcy for us (not anymore anyways). And Saturday was filled installing a 90 dollar ceiling fan we bought online, breakfast @ North Star Diner, cleaning our house, washing our dogs, and drawing in CAD. We then headed to "tall Jane's" house for a partay. I caught up with Zacky P and his glorious wife Robin. All in all, I met some great people, caught up with some old ones and drank a glass of wine (or two).

It all caught up with us Sunday because I was tired all day. Mostly we relaxed, worked and cleaned some more. Jess cooked her little heart out and went to the grocery store while I selfishly threw frisbee with the boys at North Bumcombe High School. I hurt myself too. But we came back from a few pints @ Blue Mountain Pizza to watch A Christmas Story on the "big sheet" at the Francese Casa de Revolution. We had a great turnout and it was a nice relaxing way to end the weekend, which started with friends and ended with them.

It was needed.


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Anonymous said...

yes sir... it's the holidays.

i think i was a measure late.

lately that's pretty much my story

and i'm sticking to it.