It's never too late

An ambient buzz
A parading noise
In this city
Slowing quickly
A ricochet calls
Bouncing through walls
This mother
Helplessly waiting
A smell of ammonia
Sounds from a stereo
This child
Can’t sit still
Drives her hysteria
Her heart so precarious
Of uncertainty
And what is to come
The sun sets silently
Her mind thinking violently
Of what she will do
What she will do
It’s never too late
To make them relate
See a child
Make him go
How did this happen
The pieces overlapping
And it collapses
Is it too late
Her chains are heavy
But she thinks she is ready
To move her mountains
Leave this time
The floor is cold
Glimmers of old
Footsteps crack
She hears the steps
It’s never too late
To plan an escape
But then it begins
The chase from behind
Cannot hide
Or make pain subside
Is it late this time
This child runs
Through dirty streets
She let him keep
The vision of her hand
It is gone
This child has run
She didn’t think it’d come
Her jewel is gone
But it’s never too late

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