On Light

I have been trying my best to get some writings in before January ends. I have been completely slack in the blogging world. This is primarily due to lack of space to do it in my free time, and my lack of weekends. I had one free weekend in Asheville a few weeks back, and it was my first since November. 2007 was a year of struggle. And it was a year of complete trust. I am trying to take that into 2008. But decisions loom on the horizon for me, and I'm not sure what to do with all of them. I usually have an answer. I don't this time. Again, complete trust. My writings previous have been full of images of that year, but they aren't really personal, just images that I need to get out. My apologies for the rawness that is in them. I have not refined any of them. But this is a time of endless creativity. My mind is sharp. I think. All I know is that if I write, I come closer to the things that make me happy. And of course, it is not just the process of writing, but the process of creating. Those that know me know that music is the greatest form of creation for me. But I am fortunate to sketch, write and play in all of these forms. I hope that my book will reveal all three in some form. For now, another (sorry, I'm just going to keep spitting them out for awhile):

On Light Moving Through a Space

The eye is beholding
Grace stands watching
Make a choice
She can’t seem to move
Only to hold to
Picture is fading
A beam glides through
The curtains we drew
Making its move
The crumbs seem to settle
Past the pot and the kettle
She holds her hand
Decisions she makes
The hours will take
No turning back
And the light that had parted
Is gone where it started
The floor shines like a pearl
Under temporary light
That he turned on that night
The silence is loud

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