You tell me

What you think this might be about....

A leaf sways
The stick breaks
A mother stays
In her home tonight
A child stops
Looking up
Into the fog
The trees are swirling
Like a filter
In his picture
Distorts the figure
That he looks to find
In this forest
A forbidden chorus
Sung through porous
Waves of moss
Dreary like London
Within this conundrum
Sparks his wonder
A glow of his imagination
And then it appears
The figure he fears
He waits to hear
Her command in the mist

Any guesses? I always find it interesting. I was talking about my poems the other day-about how they aren't really about a story or a paticular personal experience. Funny where I got this one from.



Anonymous said...

child abuse

Revolu said...

Anonymous said...


kate said...

denali running away in the rain

Revolu said...

so close kate. so close.

Anonymous said...

denali leaving her home with teh wolves to find a human home with hippies. or narnia.