Tis the end of the month of love. I can't believe we will be into March this weekend. I have eaten horrendously this week. No exercise and loads of greasy foods like hot dogs, french fries and Krispy Kreme donuts (I am not a donut fan, but a young lady brought two dozen in this morning, and I went straight for them). TV dinners + Girl Scout cookies - man I am not doing well on the eatery front. But I've had two shows this week and a third this weekend so we've been busy. That is my only excuse. I think I'll be able to exercise this evening - let go some of my steam. Let the pours breathe.

I'm finally getting back to normal.

But everyone in my office has bronchitis. The dude in the cube to my right is coughing up a lung as I type. It sounds horrid - like perhaps his lung just projected onto his computer screen. It is sickening being here (in many aspects). The guy to my left is doing the same, but he's kind enough to cover his mouth.

In short, I am destined to get sick. I always get this stuff, and it usually starts when it decides to warm up and the birds begin to chirp.

I leave you with this:

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Patricks said...

yes...i am done with this...other than beer...i am on a mission to put only good things in my body...

i have had enough i say!!