I try not to. Get political. On my blog. But in the mind of what people are calling "super Tuesday" in this election year, I thought I'd share a simple link for any politcal minded people that read this blog.

Michael Totten

The link is to an idependent journalist's website. He takes several tours to Iraq and reports about his findings there. Typically and for the most part, it is unbiased from what I can tell. There is interesting dialogue on his site as well. Either way, it is a good look into what is going on over there, instead of the muck that you see everyday on CNN + FoxNews.

Some of it can be hard to read and digest, but I believe it's worth it. It has kept me informed on various occasions and Mr. Totten throws out some helpful links as well.

Check it out. And vote.



Anonymous said...

it is about denali

Anonymous said...

Fox News is the only news station allowed in my house!

Revolu said...

wonder who that was ^