Sigh Out

I had to get out of the office today. It is one thing to sit at a computer trying to do something that you feel is worth accomplishing. It makes sitting in front of a computer a little less iritating. That feeling has completely vanished from my 8-5 (sometimes 6 and beyond). Actually, I don't think it ever existed. The only thing I knew to do was to try, in some way, to get inspired by something. I read my Bible, sketched out two verses from Psalms and Ephesians. The phone rang. I forgot.

Everything I tried to do became a distraction. I've been heavily influenced by electronic music lately (and Radiohead, but you knew that). I don't want that to drive Jess crazy. She has been incredibly tolerable of me, especially after my excitement of scoring glorious tickets (see previous post). I scored an issue of Mojo at the bookstore today. It had a free CD with it full of electronic tunes. It also helped that a well known musical act was on the cover (see previous post). If you haven't seen or read Mojo, you should check it out. It's kind of like the Paste of England, except its better and more expensive (about 10 bucks an issue because of the exchange rate and shipping charges) so I don't buy it often (actually very rarely if at all).

I listened to an interview with Thom Yorke yesterday on NPR as well. It helped liven my work day up slightly. It was a slight (too slight) sampling of some of the music he is listening to at the moment. Of course, it sank in deeply and nicely. I especially liked his pick of Liars with their album "Drum's Not Dead." The artwork above is from the band Autechre, also on Thom's list. They have some amazing album artwork for some of their past LPs, also worth checking out. The music's not bad either, but it wont suit everyone's fancy.

I also purchased a book of collected poems by a polish poet named Zbigniew Herbert. I'd never heard of him, but I wanted some contemporary poetry. His collection was a "Notable Book" in the New York Times Book Review. Many of the poems struck me as simple, and it was a relatively affordable book for such a large collection. (Again, searching for some inspiration in the middle of my day) He wrote one titled "Architecture" that first caught my eye.

Get outside if you live in NC. It looks like a really nice day out there.


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