Some observations

Because of my day I forgot all of them, but:

1. A waltz is a beautiful time progression (3/4) and chord structure (depending on the chords). I never could waltz, but I think it is beautiful. We wrote a song in 3/4, and I'm super excited about it.
2. This corporate nature I am enveloped in at the moment is scaring me.
3. We go to see Feist on April 22nd in Asheville. We have 6th row tickets and we are super stoked about that. Check her out here: Feist Music. She had one of the best albums of 2007 that I didn't pick up soon enough.
4. I wish I had a number four. But I don't.



Anonymous said...

Number 4 is about danali

Plastic Twig said...

#4 should be to go pick up the new album by "The Honorary Title" - Scream and Light Up the Sky.........this is good stuff!