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Today's focus is political in a world sense - Iraq. Its something I've never covered here before. I have posted this link before: Michael Totten. He's an independent journalist in the thick of it in Iraq. He's seen both the positives + the negatives so his commentary is quite refreshing. He is also a good source for links to online articles referring to the East in general, not just Iraq.

If you didn't already know, Iran has a fairly threatening leader in Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. He has been viewed as quite the threat in the US and viewed rightly so. He recently visited Baghdad with open arms. Washington Post journalist Diana West blogs about it here: Who's Side is Iraq Really On? and she highlights the love triangle that is US-Iraq-Iran.

Regardless of what you think of the war, we are in it, and there are 160K of our men + women there. It's important, and I'd be one of the first to tell you I have not been involved in educating myself enough with what is happening in the Middle East.

But this seems like a pretty big move. One of the most threatening leaders in the Middle East (as viewed by the US) goes to the country that we are supposedly trying to liberate and is received with kisses + smiles? It's quite an event, and whether you agree with West's article or not, I think she convey's the urgency to pay attention.

Some other points of view can be found here: Handshakes with the Enemy

And here: A Mesopatamian Love Triangle

It is hardly being reported in the majority of the press, probably because it gains little interest or headline from the majority of Americans. But it seems an interesting occurence to me and our state there. But for reference, here is the AP article (which can be found on any CNN, MSNBC, FOXNEWS, ect.): Ahmadinejad: 'Major powers' should quit Iraq. For giggles, I referenced MSNBC. It was the first to come up in my Google search.

I do find it odd that Ahmadinejad was able to walk into Iraq and announce his trip well in advance with little security, while President Bush (and any other US politician for that matter - McCain is there now), have to travel to Iraq in an armored tank.


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