Oh shit! (UPDATED)

The world is cooling?

Washington Times
Washington Times Again
Newsweek Again in 1975

There are a ton of articles on the subject. Maybe just as many as global warming, yet you never hear about it in the mainstream press, probably cos they can't think of a good "OMG! The world is going to turn into ice cubes!" angle. Its sound better if they just say "OMG! We are all gonna burn in hell!"

Now, I do believe we are polluting the poo out of our world. Everyone is doing it (not just the US)! But I don't buy all of Al Gore's schemes. I think it's as much a triangle money marketing plan as AmWay.

I've done a lot reading this week. At one point on my lunch break I had 5 tabs open of political headlines (mostly on the crisis in South America). I'm turning into quite the nerd. Its given me TMJ and my jaw hurts like hell.

But its Friday! I lost my cell phone so no one can find me (unless your on Gmail or in my office). Get out and enjoy your weekend.


UPDATE: Oh wait. The Southern Baptists agree with Al.

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