Two issues on albums

I have a long list of albums I want to buy for 2008. Some of them have been released. Some of them are upcoming. I am trying to discipline myself and hold out due to lack of funds, or merely wanting to save funds. It also helps that there isn't really one album that I am just dying to aquire (like 07's Radiohead/Bruce/Patty Griffin/White Stripes/Band of Horses must haves).

But two things, and I may regret this later, but upon first listen (one thanks to Brian) I just don't get the hype. I understood Arcade Fire's joyous hype (though it was long drawn out) in 2007, but this new band on the scene here, Vampire Weekend is drawing much attention. What the hell dude? They've been making music like this for years, and a lot of other bands have done it a hell of a lot better. I just don't get it. Not that they are bad (ok maybe they are), but its dry. It is dry music in my opinion. No beef!

Secondly, the Drive By Truckers, yes, they've been making music like this for almost a thousand years it seems like and people are head over heels for these guys. Now, don't get me wrong, there are some bright moments on the album, and to their right, I haven't listened to it intently, but I've heard this country swoon and rock over a hundred times in the past decade. These guys do it well, but worth the hype. Nope. Sorry. Been there, done that. Next!



Anonymous said...

Suggestions: Limit yourself to 1 new album a month or 2 used albums a month.

Example: This month I purchased the Strangers Almanac Deluxe Edition. Had it on the radar for a while. So I have to wait to April to get the new Counting Crows Album.... You plan ahead and it keeps you from buying junk (insert some indie band here). I kow the CC album could be junk, but I enjoy their stuff.....

DBT: Yes, it is nothing new. And yes it is one of the better albums top to bottom, and it is more than 30 minutes. Getting your bang for your buck here son!

Vampire Weekend: Never heard their stuff yet, but have read and read and read the hype. all went to college and you play music.....blah, blah, blah. I will admit though that I'm a huge fan of their album artwork. I love that cover for some reason.

Revolu said...

yes, VW's artwork is the shiz. i will give them that. not diggin on the music here though.

i just didn't get DBT + i want the Deluxe Edition, I just don't know if its worth buying. You tell me? i have heard good things about it though. i'm slowly off my ryan kick. i'll probably get back on it just in time for summer though.