We must leave this state. I believe everyone (especially musicians) have an urge to leave their hometown and just get out. Here's my daily story:

I'm standing in the restroom washing my hands and I can hear a middle aged woman (I am assuming here of course, since I can't actually see her from the men's room) talking on her cell phone. It sounds like the person on the other side of the phone is providing some tension. She quickly answers in a backwoods, western North Carolinian tone, "I got nothin fer ya!"

The conversation quickly ended with my favorite phrase "Where you at?!" She must have either walked away at that point, or the person on the other end was just too ticked to talk anymore. I could hear the whole correspondence clearly through the metal insulated door that separated the men's bathroom facilities from the public hall. It was as clear as if she had been standing in the bathroom herself. I couldn't believe how loud she was speaking. And it wasn't a volume of maddening proportions. It was as if that level of volume was her normal speaking voice all the time.

Now, don't get me wrong. There is a lot about that woman's words that keeps me in love with my hometown state, but a good, large portion of that young lady's conversation made me want to go grab my wife, two dogs and drum kit and hit the road.


PS - Anyone wanna buy my truck? She's a beauty!
PS No. 2 - Go check BHeth's story of "The Owl." Its hysterical, and much better than mine.


Anonymous said...

People are going to sound like that no matter where you go. Trust me. Try to stay in a place and make it better.

Anonymous said...

don't forget your cat!

Revolu said...

right well fer now...i think they only talk like that in western north carolina