Andrew Bird

If there are any fans of his out there, now would be a good time to get over to the He is blogging for the NYT (along with Suzanne Vega) and you can find an excerpt of his blog post here:

I haven't listened to his album in its entirety, but I've heard good things. Apparently there is a good bit of whistling on it. This most likely means that my wife will not be purchasing. He's a good writer though and here is one of my favorite excerpts from his post:

So writing lyrics becomes like running multiple code-breaking programs in your head until just the right word with just the right number of syllables, tone of vowel and finally some semblance of meaning all snap into place.

I find it interesting to hear how songwriters go through their process of writing and forming these marvelous things we call songs (whether I like their music or not). More on his album can be found here: Armchair Apocrypha.

I also gather he is rather strange . . . . . like me . . . .

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