Crazy weekend. Went to Raleigh. Jess had four interviews. Drove back Saturday and then I sold my truck on Sunday. Somewhere in there we had two parties that we went to and a concert. It felt like a great long weekend.

We saw Feist Sunday night to finish it all off, and she was absolutely phenomenal. She has an incredible set of pipes, but she's marvelously (is that a word?) creative. The band consisted of these four dudes cloaked in white playing everything from french horns, to synthesizers, to a glockenspeil, to a Fender stratocaster. The drummer remained, well, just a drummer. The other three circled around changing instruments, almost every song. The highlight for me had to be when she engaged the crowd in the intro of one of her songs.

Just like a chorus class, she split the crowd into three: the balcony, the orchestra left and the orchestra right. She then sang a note (I don't remember which one exactly, a C?) and had the balcony sing it back. She then sang the same note an octave higher and had the orchestra left sing it back to her. She repeated it again for the orchestra right. Counting to three she had the whole place sing this single note (but in three octaves) in unison. Now, I know some of you think you can't hold a tune, and there were probably several in the crowd that night, but the sound that came out when she said, "three" was one of the most angelic things I have ever heard. I cried. I'd never been so floored at a concert before in such an intimate way. It may have been a life changing moment for me. I don't know. Nothing seemed to change, but my heart was elevated.

That was what we were made to do.

Absolutely mind blowing.


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Robin P. said...

Hope the interviews went well! But who am i kidding? Schools would be CRAZY to not want Mrs.Francese!

I'm really envious of you & your Feist experience. I wanted to go. My freakin Dad even went. But i was on my way back from Florida.

miss y'all.