The list grows

Several things, mostly from Pitchfork:

1. The new Pixies documentary, loudQuietloud - looks amazing - even though I'm not a huge Pixies fan (like most, I didn't start following them till I was in college), this documentary seems to be about music as much as it is about an influential band of the late 80's and 90's. Jess talked me out of buying it ("You're not even that big of a Pixies fan"), but it will be in the rental list.

2. There are a slew of new vids @ PitchforkTV so check it out, including this sweet Radiohead vid with Thom York behind a bass drum.

3. New The National documentary DVD is coming out. Jess talked me into getting the album (with the help of BHeth218), and this DVD doesn't look to disappoint either. A bonus disc with some B-sides and live tracks will be included. This might mean that this will be a purchase. I have paced "purchase list" out for the year. Such as, I only bought one record in the month of March (LCD Soundsystem - which is amazing!). But my list grows:

Counting Crows
Black Crows
The Roots
Death Cab
Tift Merritt
Gary Louris
Stone Roses
Lightspeed Champion
Mobius Band
The Black Keys
The National - DVD+Bonus disc



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Dave said...

that's like 200 bucks worth of music on your list there. you best pace it out.