My forehead that is - complete and utter toast.

Charleston was the destination this weekend where my wife, myself and our good buddy Heang ran the Cooper River Bridge Run with 30,000 other people. It took us 15 minutes to get to the starting line and it was the slowest 10K I have ever run. I averaged almost a 9 minute mile for my first 4 miles. My last 2 miles were at an average of 6 minutes. I've never run as slow and as fast during a race of that druration. It was more of a speed workout. I am certain I cut in front of about 1-2K people in that last 2 miles. I believe my final place was around the 4K mark. Heang came in around 7K and ran his personal best - just missing the under hour mark by 40 seconds, which is quite a feat considering where we started in the race.

Yesterday was full of sand, surf + sun - more of the latter. I went for a quick hour of surf (in my wetsuit that wouldn't zip up) and came back to relax. It felt wonderous, but I knew we were in trouble when Heang awoke from one of his many naps and we examined his tan line. It was a glorious reddish color along the back of his leg. And it was stark. I didn't feel any burn, but I knew that today was going to be painful.

And surely it was . I couldn't move when I awoke this morning, and I was dreading the shower. Everything burning. Nonetheless, a great weekend came to a close.

And the Tarholes lost...


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