The weekend. Incredible. Absolutely phenomenal. The Radiohead show was amazing. Hit Bheth's blog up for some youTUBE clips from the show + the set list. The camera on my phone is absolute shite, but this will give you some idea for how close we were to the stage:

Its one of the shows, when you walk away, you have this feeling of extreme happiness of what you've just been through, but also a sadness that it's over. I couldn't believe what I'd seen and heard. I had chills. Every - single - song - was - amazing.

Then Jess graduated Saturday morning (after a long drive back Friday night). We bonked that afternoon, but the rest of the weekend was perfect. Relaxed, good meals and hit the local bakery this morning to top it all off. I felt too blessed (if that is possible).

And here's a great article on the band from Word magazine: Radiohead the Escape Artists.
It sums up the music nicely stating about a similar show in London:

"The show, though, turns out to be one of the most astonishing things I've ever seen, simply because this sound that's so pored over but so little understood – this rock music that challenges itself without falling into the mirror-image cliches of 'challenging music" – is, for once, happening right in front of you. At last you can see how it's done."



Android said...

true. Seeing them create their songs as a band was out of this world. The entire show was just something I have never seen before. And I really think after seeing this live set In Rainbows has to move in rankings for best radiohead album. The best songs live were from that album (except a few). But Im with you. All other music this week has been just normal. I want more and just listen to the layers of magic on each track and think about how it was created. A gift!

Revolu said...

well played paranoid