The Rundown

Our lives are crazy, only to get crazier this weekend and coming weeks. Posts in May will be minimal for the 3 readers on this blog. I'm trying to think of some interesting things to type. Nothing is really coming to mind.

Radiohead is Friday in Charlotte. I couldn't be more excited. Thanks to BHeth, we have tickets in "the Pit." This will be glorious. Absolutely phenomenal.

Jess graduates Saturday at 10 AM. That's right! A big masters degree awaits. We'll be heading from Radiohead back to Asheville Friday night, wake up Saturday and hit up Culloweh! Glorious points again. Absolutely exceptional.

If you didn't hear Obama won North Carolina. This isn't relevant to this post. I voted for Ron Paul (there, my vote is public). Denali wanted me to vote for Huckabee cos she likes his name. I think perhaps he reminds her of her ferocious underbite.

The move to Raleigh was solidified with job offers and acceptions last week. We have moved onto a house and have yet to find one. We have a nice long list though. I'm hoping to weed through them and find a good spot downtown, within walking/biking distance of our jobs (gas hit another high today).

"...but if we keep true to God, God will take us through an ordeal which will bring us out into a better knowledge of Himself." - Oswald Chambers


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