The Story (as I see it)

There was a good bit of sand + sun + surf this weekend. It was nice to get away. We didn't leave the island at all. I found myself digressing a bit, maybe. Maybe "digress" is not the word. But the island was packed this weekend and it took us almost twenty minutes to go 2.5 miles and find a parking spot to eat dinner.

I found myself like a crabby old man. Here is this island that I grew up on. It was small + quiet at one point. It had just the right amount of visitors (the locals outweighed the tourists). It had great restraunts. It was growing slowly, but slowly growing. Then this weekend seemed to be an explosion. Like a tarnished version of the island I once loved. I'm sure it was just because it was the holiday weekend. Maybe. I don't know. But my brother looked at me and had the same reaction. We were sullen.

But we found a good (what we thought might be local) pub that night and had some brews. Good times there. BHeth and I also took part in one of the most glorious photographs ever to be taken. It will come later. Very soon.



Anonymous said...

the world needs a photo

Plastic Twig said...

Yup that's the Charleston area for you. TOO much growth in the past 3-5 years. It's sad, I remember the days of no one around but the lone surfers and those that hung out at Bert's....the good ole days!