Nothing major to report on the day. We left the Bryce Canyon and set onward upon Utah's scenic Highway 12, apparently a destination all in itself. It did not disappoint, but we left our windows open last night and the temperature swing of 50 degrees did not go unnoticed. To say the least, most of us did not have a great night's sleep, but you can't complain when you are traveling in company like this. Another Revolu Pictorial update is up. You can find it here: Revolu Arches Pictorials!

We try our best "arch" at the truly magnificent Arches National Park. We are rock stars.

Here is Balancing Rock. It may be gone in 30 years. Who knows.

A nice group shot (minus The Captain) after a mild jog around Balancing Rock. Homer (that's my gramps) looking stoked to the right.

Another group shot the day before at Bryce. Dave + The Captain headed into the Canyon while the rest of us sat on a bench and got sap on our butts, well, except Homer, who had his Grand Prix of a Wheelchair to sit in.

A shot off of Highway 12 in Utah. Not too shabby. The terrain in this state is truly diverse + absolutely glorious.

Tomorrow its onto Colorado where we'll hit up some quick stops off highway 70 and the Garden of the God's in Colorado Springs before getting back to the east coast. More glorious times await, until then...

Stay safe!



Anonymous said...

good thing you brought your straightener
your hair would be having a fit right now

Revolu said...

ah but straighteners are not needed in the west!