Euro - 08

As many know I am quite the footy fan. Euro 2008 has been going on for a good while and the second semi-final is today with the final on Sunday. But the games come on during the day and I can't watch them. The same goes for Wimbeldon, another tourney I like to watch in the summer. Instead I follow the games via the internet and gametrackers on ESPN and the BBC. But my favorite has to be the commentary on the BBC. It's classically british and often times absolutely hilarious. They also post commentary from viewers as the text in to the BBC which is also histerical.

Another thing that is very UK, Karl Pilkington on the Ricky Gervais show. Who say's things like this when asked about Aesop's Fables:

"That's the problem with them fables, they're putting animals together that wouldn't meet. I don't know where a scorpion is knockin' around with a frog."

Stay safe!


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