We are back, and another and final update is up here: Revolu Finale Pictorials

Colorado skyline from Hoosier Pass.

On top of Hoosier Pass. And loving every minute of it.

A Kansas windmill.

The infamous St. Louis Arch. And this photo comes with a glorious story. The Captain badly wanted to get us downtown in St. Louis to see the arch. I myself have not been up in the Arch and was told it was good thing to do. My broseph (see the rocking photo above) and Jess both hadn't done it either.

So we exit off for the Arch in a 30' RV in DOWNTOWN St. Louis and end up on some stellar, narrow cobblestone streets. I knew it wasn't good. And where do you park a 30' vehicle in highly congested urban area? Then, a nice metal train bridge approached with a mere clearance of 8'11". The Captain looked completely unfazed as my bro and I launched out of the RV to see if we could make it underneath this metal contraption of twisted steel. There was no way possible, and approximately 30 million cars began piling up behind ole Roscoe. Dave was freaking out saying things like, "What is dad doing? He's gotta move this frickin thing or we'll be shot in the head, like maybe multiple times, or maybe even like knifed in an alley or something!" I had similar thoughts and ran over to stop traffic, which was slowly meandering past Roscoe on the driver's side. A nice old couple helped The Captain complete a 24 point turn back into a parking lot so that we could get Roscoe turned around and out of the 17th century streets which laid underneath our feet.

Turns out that the Mississippi had flooded (which we knew, just forgot about) and we couldn't get down to the Arch anyways. Then came the task of getting back onto the highway, upon which The Captain used his glorious directional senses to take us into the East St. Louis ghetto. We drove around for 35 minutes or so while my bro muttered things like, "Did you see that kid's t-shirt? It said 'Big Ups' or something glorious. I need one of those." We finally made it back onto 70 and The Captain swore that, given the chance, he make it to that Arch. Mom yelled obscenities to stay on the highway, to which Paw Paw fell asleep. Ok, maybe her words weren't that crude, but the Roscoe Frustro Meter was close to the "Red Zone".

Here's a panorama of Arches. We loved it there. Check the link above for some more photogs.

Stay safe!


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Donna said...

Brent - there is something seriously wrong with you... but you made me laugh and laugh!