Grand Canyon

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Revolu Pictorials

Wi-Fi has been limited so our updates have been scarce. Right now we are in an RV park near Zion National Park. Here's the run down so far:

Tomorrow: Zion National Park + Bryce Canyon, Utah
Today: Zion National Park, Utah
Friday: Grand Canyon - Hiked in 3 miles
Thursday: Grand Canyon - arrived just at sunset - first time I'd seen it - I almost wept.
Wednesday: El Rito, New Mexico - amazing Chile Rellenos - I almost wept.
Tuesday: Santa Fe, New Mexico
Monday: OK City, Oklahoma
Sunday: Little Rock, Arkansas

Jess, Dave and myself all hiked in to the Grandest of all Canyons yesterday. It was only 3 miles in, all downhill. But it was also 3 miles out, all uphill. Quite a day to say the least. The rents hung back after having lunch at Bright Angel Lodge and a trip down the "Rim Trail." After clocking in 8 miles of hiking, we played a rousing game of Taboo and hit the sack. Its onto hike "Angel's Landing" tomorrow in Zion and then onto Bryce Canyon.

Here are some highlights:

The El Farilito - the most amazing food I have ever tasted. I would be butchered by the locals for putting it on the net (shhhh!).

The studio Jess and I worked on four years ago finally complete and all decked out. Pretty sweet space. That is Sparks (the architect, uncle, designer, woodsman) in the foreground.

Gramps in El Rito. He is moving smooth.

Passing time in the RV via musics.

In the canyon now a mile and a half. We look stoked.

I'll try and update again if we have Wi-Fi, but don't expect it. We are in Moab, Utah most likely after we hit up Bryce and then onto Colorado, St. Louis and then back to North Carolinas. Check the link above for more pictures. There are some good ones (and not-so-good ones) up there.

Stay safe!


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