We are in Kansas this eve after making our final turn to head back east yesterday. We trekked through Colorado with short stops in Minturn + Vail before stopping in Colorado Springs. We are in Lawrence tonight (just outside Topeka). No big news, and really no big pictures of late. We'll get to St. Louis tomorrow and see Dave's school (in Greenville, IL) + some glorious rooms where he records music + piddles with his guitar.

The only major story today was that we could not get the skylight above the cab to close. It popped open on our way to New Mexico. Dave + Dad taped it up only to have it slowly open in Colorado yesterday. They repeated the process, but it was nullified in Kansas this afternoon after a rush of wind. We've rigged up a McGyverish bungie system to hopefully hold it down for the remaining few days.

Kansas seems to full of wind mills + old oil derricks (they are still moving). It's long + flat. But maybe we shouldn't judge states from their main highways. Gramps remarked it was "the greenest state we've been through yet! I like that green." I can't really argue with that. But I like the tall rocks of Utah.

Stay safe!


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