Little Rock

We made it to Little Rock today. We hit OK City tomorrow and then onto Santa Fe on Tuesday. For those of you that don't know, my family (Jess, myself, my bro, my rents and my grandfather) embarked on a two week RV trip this morning at about 8 o'clock EST. The goal is the "west" mainly, but highlights include the Grand Canyon, hanging out with my uncle in El Rito, New Mexico, really, really good green chili burritos, rellenos and cheeseburgers, Moab, UT. My dad (also to be known as "the Captain" from now on) busted out 12 hours of driving from Asheville to get us to the middle of Arkansas. Here are some highlights.

Here's Jess knocked out on the "sweet spot," a cozy couch on the passenger side of Rosco (the name graciously tagged for the RV).

How healthy is Rosco? According this tag, not too healthy. But so are all the "other vehicles" riding around our pretty planet.

And we hit Memphis round 4:30.

A view from the top of The Captains crainium. It's glorious up there. Now onto the Midwest where beastly tornadoes have roamed the past few weeks. I don't where we'll have wi-fi next. I'm thinking it won't be for awhile so my updates will be slim, but we survived the first day. Currently mom is hitting the bed, my bro is spinning the latest Fiest album while grandpas is into a mean game of solitare. Jess is reading (she's knocked out over half of Orwell's 1984 today) and The Captain is sitting in his post on the computer. We hit the pool when we arrived (at a KOA campground - never been to one of these priceless little villages before - but they are quite the redneck oasis. It is almost surreal that we are here.) and I think the six of us are ready to knock out.

See you in the west.

-r (and fam)

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heanguy said...

hooray for Day 1. Sounds like you guys are having a blast. Looking forward to other updates. Nothing like being "On the Road". Enjoy the west. Hendersonville was 92 degrees today!