I'm sure I have, like, hmmmmmm ten or so other posts under the title "Revamp." No worries though. I like this new layout of the blog and since it's past Memorial Day and we can wear our seersucker suits, a renovation of Revolu was in order. So there you have it.

My family (my parents, little broseph, grandfather and wife) are hitting the road this Sunday for a RV Trip Extravaganza out west. I am hoping to take the computer and blog about it. We will have limited internets for sure, but I hope to have a few posts here + there. Our first destination is Santa Fe, NM then onto the Grand Canyon + out through southern Utah. Hopefully this will get us prepped for Silver's world tour. I'm also hoping to get an "official" SILVER blog going soon just so I can have the domain name (not that it really matters).

Some epics times ahead indeed.



barclay keir said...
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barclay keir said...

looks like your revamp is a fan of dafont

Revolu said...

you only know that cos you design magazines all day. and you're from charleston. and you like chocolate milk. and chicken noodle soup.