What's the difference?

One of my favorite exchanges from the UK version of the Office:

Alex: Are you keeping Anton on because he's disabled?
David: Anton's not disabled.
Alex: He's a midget, David.
David: Yeah, but you're not disabled if you're a midget are you? That's not a disability. That's just small.
Alex: Yeah, I know...
David: Ronnie Corbett doesn't get special treatment, does he?
Alex: Ronnie Corbett's five foot. Anton's three foot four.
David: So are some children. Children don't get special favours. Children aren't disabled, are they?
Alex: Children don't work in warehouses.
David: Look, whether or not Anton is indeed a midget or a dwarf -
Alex: No, he's a midget.
David: What's the difference?
Alex: Well, a dwarf is someone who has disproportionately short arms and legs.
David: Oh, I know the ones. (Does a crass impersonation of a dwarf)
Alex: It's caused by a hormone deficiency.
David: Bloody hormones.
Alex: A midget is still a dwarf, but their arms and legs are in proportion.
David: Sure.
Gareth: So, what's an elf?
David: Do you wanna answer that?
Alex: (sighs) An elf is a supernatural being. Sometimes they're invisible. They're like fairies.
David: But they don't actually exist, do they? In real life...

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