Today was truly epic, on multiple accounts. We woke up this morning to hit Zion National Park only to find the crowds were already surfacing. Jess + I made way for Angel's Landing while Pop, Mom, Dave + The Captain hit the Riverside Trail at the end of the Canyon. Angel's Landing was recommended by some Ashevillian friends and it did not let down. After several switchbacks and over a thousand feet of climb, you reached a narrow ridge full of chains with 1200 foot drops on either side. The site at the top was truly glorious. See the first two photos below.

We then managed to make our way to Bryce Canyon, but not before emptying the pooper! This was a memorable experience shared by all, but The Captain + Dave took the brunt of the work. Bryce Canyon was gorgeous, full of tall limestone cliffs. We didn't get into the down + dirty of the hike due to our morning work in Zion. But the views were sweet.

Then it was onto another KOA campground, this time in scorching 100 degree heat, but as I type it has settled to a nice temperature and we are told that it will be in the 50's tonight. But what really ended the night was the wonderful Francesi supper. Chili, cornbread + good ole sweet tea, but not before mom tried to burn down Roscoe. You see, space on Roscoe is limited, and one has to stow things in places wherever one can. This includes the microwave/oven. We had some towels, pans and paper towels put in there and mom decided to preheat the oven. But her motherly senses caught her mistake and she quickly removed the towels and the pans. You may be thinking, "then where are the paper towels?" We didn't know it, but when I went back in ole Roscoe for a spoon (or something of the sort) I noticed a strong smokey smell. One could hardly breathe inside the massive beast. I screamed for dear life (not really). The Captain ran in to find a smoking (luckily not flaming) microwave/oven with a scorched paper towel roll inside. He did his best to kick it straight into the fire pit adjacent to Roscoe. With much struggle we put out that fire and made the best of our chili and half baked cornbread. "I wonder why the cornbread cooked that way," Ma commented earlier. Her answer lie on the dry, parched ground of the Bryce Valley.


Here's Zion from the top of Angel's Landing.

Another shot of Zion.

Here's the pooper incident. Check out that sign. The Captain worked beautifully.

The Bryce Canyon.

Dave + I pondering our plight.

And here are the remenants of that flaming fireball of paper towels. We had to cover with stones to stoke the large flames. Again, The Captain's work saving the ship from despair.

More photogs have been updated here: Revolu Zion + Bryce Pictorials!



heanguy said...

Burning down the RV? Who's blog am I reading, the Griswolds? Welcome to National Lampoons RV Vacation.

rawbin said...

Wow! So beautiful! Glad y'all are having fun! Been thinking about you guys! Please don't get burnt up. That would really ruin my day.