Heading out on my bike in a bit to hit the parkway. That graph above is the elevation changes on the ride. It's also a sign that I'm getting old. I'm into graphs and charts and calculations of my daily activities. It's a short ride (only about 18 miles) with a ascent of about 1867 feet and a descent of about 1873 feet. This cool little site helps me map about some good rides:


It's a good resource for runners and cyclists, or just about anyone who exercises. You can keep track of your daily routes and calculate your calories burned, heart rate, ect. Definitely not a new thing, but its free (most of the key features anyways), so there's a good reason to give it a glance.

I'll start around 2000 before getting up around 3600 feet and then it's back down to Weaverville. Probably my last ride on the parkway in awhile. A sad day to be sure.


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