A fiery update

Vacation is long gone, and I'm left with this feeling of wanting to just get something done. It mostly consists of writing and music, perhaps both. I don't know.

Silver has a show in two weeks so we'll practice this weekend in preparation. Jess is gone to the outer banks all of the next. This makes me sad, but at least the dogs will be in the house.

It's raining bullets on the windows here, just loud enough for me to hear through my head phones, but not break the glass. I'm hoping it stops for an hour or two because I rode my bike to work today, and it will be a nice long 8-1/2 miles back to the cabin if this keeps up. I am also praying and hoping that our basement is not flooding. It tends to do this when it rains this hard for short amounts of time. However, it hasn't done this in over a year and a half, and images like that stay seared in your brain. But the gutters are supposedly clean of debris. Lets hope the water remains in the ground.

We'll also look at houses this weekend. I hope to the Lord above we find one. I have one scoped out. Now I am just hoping that it stays available.


It's drawn with a pen
Your waveform takes shape
And you do it again
Until there is a picture
That grows violently around you

A single point draws your line
Its disappears as you move
Your forms look simple
Your vanishing dots split in two
You hold your eyes into wrinkles

There is hope you're starting something
Out of nothing, your stroke begins again
For awhile it's distorted
Grossly forming and without detail
I think you should continue

The colors turn black
And then they turn white
In the voids you see pictures
The ink gets clearer
The more music you make

And the more you create
Your idealism wants to drop
Like a bird off a branch in the summer
Your perspective in question
As you form your own vision


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