Le Tour

I forget how much I love sports in the summer. And it doesn't consist of baseball (though I love going to the games, I find baseball highlights and games on the tele so incredibly dull). But Jess and I grueled out an entire lazy Sunday to watch ALL of the Wimbeldon match with Nadal v. Federer. It might be the best sporting event I watched all year. On top of that a few weeks prior you had Spain defeating Germany in the Euro 08. The Olympic Trials were more interesting than I thought (swimmer Michael Phelps scoring a world record, as well as 41 year old Dana Torres qualifying in style). And now we have the glorious Tour de France, a race I follow due to my recent cycling habits.

Which leads me to the images above. I'm getting a tune up on my bike, as well as new tires to match and some sweet bar tape to match. It will truly be a glorious sight to see your truly flying down the streets in such a wonderous vehicle of transportation. An employee of mine, who also bikes said to me, "you look like a cyclist." That made me feel like I was actually getting back into some sort of shape. I've biked to work 4 times this week and 3 times last week, probably saving us 20 bucks. It feels good to get to work after a 30 minute workout. And with the current Tour going on, I'm super motivated.

Musical notes: the new Beck album, Modern Guilt is solid. Please to purchase this album.

Good Friday!



heanguy said...

I was going to post almost the exact same topic on my blog. Beat me to it.

Jessie said...

so great - except for the part where the girls hand them the trophy. :)